Looking for a career - And still not clear
Where you want to work?
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International Career Centre (ICC)

You’re about to finish school and you’re still not sure about your future? We’re in a similar situation. Let us help you choose the right path for your future in Europe and internationally. We – i.e. secondary school students from Germany, England, Spain, France, and Finland – created an online platform that gives you information on study and work opportunities, application processes, accommodation options, financing possibilities, and the lifestyle in your dream country. And as it is us who created the website, it’s not the old-school and conventional stuff that you usually get, but interesting and funny!


Thanks to Erasmus+ funding we were able to visit the countries that take part in the creation of the website and we learned a lot about the different countries.
If you think your country is missing and you want to contribute to our website, feel free to contact us!


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